Love Comes

to Life:

Explore Maria Henderson's Heartfelt Art

Fascinated by the heart symbol from an early age Maria Henderson brings the beauty of love to life in every brushstroke, merging passion and color in her works.

Welcome to the world of ‘Hearts by Maria Henderson.’ Our story is a journey of love, art, and passion. Maria Henderson, a devoted collector of hearts in all shapes and sizes since childhood, transforms her fascination into compelling works of art. Each canvas is a unique expression of love, a fusion of colors and emotions that invites you to immerse yourself in a universe of feelings.

Meet the Artist Behind the Colors and Emotions

Maria Henderson is much more than a talented artist; she is a passionate storyteller who uses brushes and colors to convey deep emotions. Her artistic journey began in Brazil, her homeland, where the vibrant and diverse culture inspired her from a young age.

Since moving to the United States in 2003, Maria has wholeheartedly embraced her creative passions. As a renowned professional photographer, she has captured precious moments through the lens of her camera. Her ability to immortalize the beauty of life and human relationships is reflected in each of her photographs.

However, it was her long-standing fascination with the heart symbol that led her to create 'Hearts by Maria Henderson.' Her love for the shape of the heart prompted her to explore the world of acrylic painting, where she pours her soul and passion into each canvas.

In addition to her artistic achievements, Maria is committed to understanding the complexity of human psychology, seeking ways to touch people's hearts in even deeper ways.

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What People Say

I stumbled upon Maria Henderson's art during an art festival, and I was immediately captivated by her unique style. Her heart-themed pieces are a brilliant blend of creativity and emotion. I now proudly display one of her paintings in my home, and it never fails to spark conversations and admiration from guests.
Patricia Pereira